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Replace recovery partition with custom partition/image?

I'm looking to replace Lenovo's recovery image with a custom image of my own.  So that if I chose to do a recovery from the hard drive, it would recover to my image and not the facotry default Lenovo image.  I know that the recovery partition is hidden, but this shouldn't stop me from being able to edit or replace it.


Does a tool exist for this purpose or does anyone have any experience with this?  Any help would be greatly appreciated, even if it is just pointing me in the right direction.



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Re: Replace recovery partition with custom partition/image?



I recommend that you have a look at Acronis True Image. (That's assuming you're running Windows.) There's a pdf manual from that website so you can read how it would work. Probably you'd image your entire hard drive, including the R&R partition (so you could later restore it if you wanted), then delete the R&R partition and use it as a True Image safe zone or whatever they call it. It's a very similar idea to R&R except I've found it runs much faster. And, it's set up to allow you to make your own images (from the system you're currently running--same as R&R really; maybe you want something different?). You can download a trial from the Acronis website, and Newegg often runs sales on True Image for $15-$20 after rebate. Well worth it in my opinion.


If you read reviews, you'll see people saying they think the quality of True Image has declined. That may be true, but the 2009 version has worked fine for me on several different computers, SATA, eSATA, USB. Make sure you update to the latest version from their website.


Good luck!


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Re: Replace recovery partition with custom partition/image?

See here. Specifically ATI can't back up C, Q and S partitions to a DVD on the D: drive.


If you want to modify the factory reset process you can use the BSA tool from here. I havn't used it myself, it is documented to be able to exclude unwanted software from being installed during the reset. You would have to find out yourself if it is also able to add new items to the restore.

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