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Rescue & Recover: my newfound respect for this program

For years, I've pretty much ignored RNR except for creating recovery disks (takes forever!) and the rare restore from the disks (takes even longer than forever!). Generally, Rescue & Recovery seemed a bit flaky and not always trustworthy.


But, after spending oodles of time getting my W500 and T60 to grab and install ALL the drivers (per Device Driver) I wanted to clone the disks for a backup for virus and malware protection, as well as my own miss-steps.


I've discovered that RNR works pretty well these days. Ver 4x has a slightly confusing menu and the terminology can require reading the help files, but all in all the latest program did the job for me.


The only "hitch" is the program's refusal to install on a bootable thumb drive. ("all your Resources are belong to us" error message) However, creating a rescue CD, and even setting up an external USB drive (not a thumbdrive) works fine.


Rescue & Recovery certainly does appear to be quite hardware agnostic, unlike Microsoft's Backup & Recovery, which is very specifically fussy about the recovery process to a different drive. I mean, gee....what's the sense in doing a backup if the recovery does not work on a replacement drive, eh? Thanks for listenin'.

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