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RnR Sysprepbackup


I am preparing some new R400 and R500 computers for delivery. I make the Windows 7 installation ready, all updates and also the "rnrsyspreptoolforwin7" package. I the run the command: rrcmd sysprepbackup location=L name=sysprepbackup

Then I run sysprep on the system, shutdown and reboot. It boots into the RnR area and runs the Sysprepbackup, and then it reboots into Windows. If I log on I cannot see the sysprepbackup. If I reboot into predesktop it run a sysprepbackup again. R400 did this twice, R500 at least 3 times.

Any explanation or workaround?



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Re: RnR Sysprepbackup


to be honest I have not seen this kind of behaviour, but here is what I would test as first:
- change the SATA mode in BIOS to Compatibility and check again in OS, whether it's still the same. If yes, then please try to run the sysprepbackup again.


The first thing, that crossed my mind is that the SATA driver might be missing in the RnR PDA and this might be confusing the application, so the change to compatibility mode should change this behaviour.


Please let me know, any other info, that might help me to repro this situation.



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