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Paper Tape
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Suggestions around SimpleTap

Hi there,


at first I have to say that I really like the idea of SimpleTap. But it has two old negative points:


- SimpleTap needs tooooo much time to get loaded

- SimpleTap needs the option to define individual touch gestures eventually also for subfunctionality


But I want to discuss about the whole idea. Why do we need to use another layer on our desktop? Couldn't it be very useful to realize SimpleTap as desktop widgets? Or better to reorganize the the desktop to SimpleTap so it fits as own concept of user experience.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Suggestions around SimpleTap

I don't mind the layer-design, especially because it allows us to open ST infront of other programs we use without having to revert back to the desktop.


But sadly I hardly ever use ST, as much fun as it may be because it does not have the amount of functionality that I think it ought to have. It would be great if it allowed changing the Energy Manager Profile like it is possible using Fn+F3. With my x201t I have to use the taskbar-icon, which is much slower, when in Tablet Mode. Wouldn't it be cool to implement the Fn+F3 sliding bar into Simple Tap?


Likewise I would love a "Hibernation" Button.


It is also quite annoying that the Brightness Control doesn't respond every now and then after waking up from hibernation. The Fn controls are out of order then as well, so that might be not actually a SimpleTap issue. I can still change brightness using the TabletMenu-Button, which doesn't have the comfortable slider though.


In general, I like the idea of SimpleTap very much!

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