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Paper Tape
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T61 Lenovo Power Manager resets CPU level

For unknown reasons the a/c power setting for CPU in Lenovo Power Manager v3.25 (latest) seems to randomly change itself from HIGHEST to LOW or ADAPTIVE to LOW. Also sometimes the WIFI device a/c setting changes randomly from maximum performance to maximum power saving. These random changes occur to the power manager a/c settings only and happen only when the T61 is running on a/c power not battery.

The latest happened this morning coming out of sleep mode. Prior to sleep the a/c power mgr CPU was set and running HIGHEST, out of sleep it was LOW. The T61 was on a/c power the entire time with a 100% charged battery. After noticing I again returned the a/c CPU setting to HIGHEST, applied the setting. I did some browsing and other things with the clear indication that CPU was at running highest/very fast. I left Lenovo Power Manager along with IE8 and several other programs running in the background and I walked away for 45 minutes.

When I returned and looked at the power manager screen a/c CPU was reset to LOW and the T61 was running slowly. I wouldn't have expected this to dynamically happen because there were background programs running so the CPU wasn't at idle.


I've changed the global power setting tab>advanced settings CPU and PCI to disabled from automatic and rebooted.  I thought these 2 global settings referred to on battery not a/c but I changed them anyway.  I've also gone into the Vista Home Premium control panel power display and changed processor power management minimum and maximum states on a/c to 100%.


The only effect of these changes seems to be now most times coming out of sleep power manager cpu setting  is not reset.  I'm still finding that when I leave the T61 running IE and other programs and walk away for 30 minites or longer (no keyboard activity) when I return and look power manager has changed CPU from the state I've left it to LOW.


Is there some other power manager or Vista setting associated with keyboard idle which is changes the CPU setting in power manager to LOW when idle ??


BTW, I'm running the T61 on a/c with a 90w brick so I'm sure the T61 is getting enough power thru the a/c linecord.


any thought are helpful, thanks

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Re: T61 Lenovo Power Manager resets CPU level

try using the older Power Manager Version, i think there maybe some sort of bug in the latest version.


Jin Li

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Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎11-03-2009
Location: Plano, TX
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Re: T61 Lenovo Power Manager resets CPU level

I've now tested leaving the T61 with programs running but keyboard idle for over 2hrs. After the setting changes I've made at some point the T61 shuts down and completely powers off.  When I reboot and vista comes up power manager sez ADAPTIVE which is a good thing, ie, it hasn't reset to LOW.

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