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Punch Card
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The New Lenovo Vantage stinks and is confusing.

I just tried to run the Lenovo Vantage and Whoa!  It's nothing like the older one. It's totally confusing. It doesnt include the Lenovo Diagnostics or at least I cant find it.  All the easy to see setting like battery, sound  are gone.  I really dont like this one. Maybe its just me, but on feed back I said I rather have the old one back and this one is harder to use and is confusing! Anybody else try it? What do you think?

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Re: The New Lenovo Vantage stinks and is confusing.

I agree.  Its missing the Diagnostics section.  Also once you choose home use under settings when you first set up the new vantage you cant change to business use for example.  I dont like the layout.  Its too hard to find settings/options compared to old version.  One thing that is better is it turns on much faster.  Seems to have a lot more "marketing"


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Paper Tape
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Re: The New Lenovo Vantage stinks and is confusing.

That's right. I wish they would bring back the old interface It's far more intuitive. Many important things the new Vantage missing out such as Power Smart Setting, Backlit Keyboard Adjustment, Device Diagnostic; the battery gauge though always show "The Lenovo Power Manange driver not installed or not working properly", lots of marketing instead etc... ugh...What's going on Lenovo? This version of Vantage shouldn't be on the official channel.

Punch Card
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Re: The New Lenovo Vantage stinks and is confusing.

The UI on the new Vantage is unnecessarily convoluted, and has entirely too much advertising and marketing fluff. I believe they are going to add even more useless stuff to it by the end of the year, including some 'AI' garbage and more subscriptions.


The main page has zero useful information, it's just links to Lenovo marketing pages and to their Legion game store. 


It almost feels as if this release is more for selling subscriptions to customers rather than provide any useful information on their machines in an efficient manner. 


It's a bit of work to get back to the old version but is worth the effort.

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