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Paper Tape
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Hi I've been in the business of end-user repair, training and servicing for about 20 years.  I've owned computers from every major manufacture on the market and I've repaired computers from every single manufacture on the market.  This will be the second time in my life that I've actualy taken the time to register and post to a manufacturer forum....

Today I serviced an IBM Lenovo PC Model#41V9706 Like any intelligent technician I backed up all the customers irreplaceable data prior to beginning, and was informed that the customer had NO disks to speak of for their system.  At first I thought, "ahh, common customer disguarding their important disks... As usual, But then I looked at his face and realized he was  65 and rich... Any way I found the restore application on the hard drive, ran it and created a boot disk.  I then proceeded to try to restore from the backups on the drive.  Didn't work (Great job btw on making good working backups....)  Finally I did a manufacture restore and the @#$@ing thing deleted the entire drive BEFORE it told me that I needed more disks to do the manufacture restore.  Are you guys out of your mind creating a program that is so backward that it doesn't even tell you that with out the disks it leaves the system completely useless?  As of yet all of the lenovo software is now gone, I've had to install a fresh and blank copy of windows using the customers install key and NOW I can't even get their factory software back onto the system because a copy of it doesn't appear to exist. 

I'm sorry to be so frank but what the heck kind of restore program deletes all the backups before it tells you it can't help you?!  Even windows doesn't do that.  If I am ever to recommend or endorse another IBM product it will need to show some intelligence in it's design and include fail-safes or at least some kind of warning system to let people know that it is completely useless before it deletes data.  I am in the process of contacting customer service about this but I am not hopeful as my experience shows that for a small fee of $49.99 I might have the software replaced... What a royal piece of crap. 

Your backup product receives a lousy 2 in my book your only redeeming qualities are it's ease of use and it's ability to work when windows doesn't. 


Paper Tape
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call lenovo 800 in your country to get the original software disk and drivers, if you are in warranty time you get no fee to paid, and is 3 to 5 days to receive the disks
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