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Unable to create recovery media in Rescue and Recovery 4.21 for Windows Vista

I have a Lenovo Thinkcentre A55 8705-CTO desktop with Windows Vista and i wanted to create a backup on my external hard drive. When i create a backup within the windows application of rescue and recovery, i get a message "The files needed to make recovery media cannot be found".



I tried to backup from the rescue and recovery environment (pressing the thinkvantage button on startup) and when the process is complete, I find no "backup" when using R&R, but windows explorer showed all of my files in there, which was a complete duplicate from my main hard drive. Basically, the files needed to create an identifiable backup are missing (Recovery media)



Any ideas on how to get the recovery media working?

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Re: Unable to create recovery media in Rescue and Recovery 4.21 for Windows Vista


first you described, that you want to create a backup, but then you say, that you want to create Recovery CDs.
Here is a short definition, so that we understand the difference:

- RnR backup: this is a backup of your current state of the system on a Local system, DVD rom, Network driver, or USB HDD.

- RnR recovery CDS -> this is a "backup" of your original system state. Basically it's not a backup, but it's an image fo your system, how it was delivered from Lenovo.


So for the first option, can you please specify, how exactly are you starting the backup?

In case you are looking for the original Recovery CDs (option no 2), then this option canont be found directly in the RnR GUI, but you can find it in Start->Programs->Create recovery media.


This should be a separate option, which will create you a set of original Recovery CDs.

In the latest systems you don't need to go into Start, but directly in "My Computer" you have an extra visible partition and once you doubleclick it, you will be prompted to insert blank CDs, which will create you a ste of original Recovery CDs.


So if possible, please describe, which options are you looking for? Also a description of the steps, that you perform would be great, or screenshot even better. Smiley Wink


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