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Blue Screen Again
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Vantage Command Line/Force Updates to Run Silently

I'm looking to have all domain computers run the Lenovo Vantage Updates silently and/or have a way to schedule a task so that it will run for users and throw it up on their screen at the updates section if it can't run silently.


I did find this information ( and was able to install the GPO, but I still in it don't see a way to force this program to run on a schedule.


If it already does run regularly, is it a task or how does it actually kick off it's check?


I know also Lenovo provides Patch (, but can this work for any other patch management software besides SCCM?


Thanks much!

Lenovo Staff
Lenovo Staff
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Re: Vantage Command Line/Force Updates to Run Silently

Vantage automatically installs critical and recommended driver updates on a schedule.  A weekly schedule is created when you install Lenovo System Interface Foundation.  You can modify the schedule.


As for your patch question, hopefully our patch expert @tlawson will stop by soon.  It might be helpful for him to know what "besides SCCM" patch management software you have.



Lenovo Staff
Lenovo Staff
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Re: Vantage Command Line/Force Updates to Run Silently



Just to echo what @someotherguy said, what other solution besides SCCM are you referring to?  Lenovo Patch is a plugin for SCCM, but this post referencing an update catalog from @parkerjnc might prove informative.  The catalog would be able to be read by SCCM Third Party integration in 1806 and newer, as well as in SCUP.  I hope this is the info you are looking for.



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