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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Vista SP2

This issue still exists with the release level of Vista SP2 in case anyone cares.


T500, Vista 32, SP2

Token Ring
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Re: Vista SP2

Wow, Lenovo knew about this problem way back, and look at the situation now...  Who's planning this stuff???
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TVSU support for Vista SP2

[ Edited ]



Thanks.  An update to allow TVSU to run under Vista SP2 is now available.


For those joining this discussion in June, please bear in mind that TVSU was sunset April 1,2009 and development was suspended.   TVSU was re-instated via a new release on May 31, 2009, based on customer feedback that TVSU was a highly valued application.   Support for SP2 released today.


Best regards,



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Punch Card
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Re: TVSU support for Vista SP2

anyone can try this if they have extra time,  but Lenovo just released another bogus update.


I think all they did was change the driver and patch number and make you think they did something or fix something.  I tried this


and it still doesn't work with sp2,  you are better off searching on this forum and editing the xml file and add the sp2 yourself


because I have tried that and the TVSU actually let you update.


at least this patch haven't created more problems at the moment  (have my fingers crossed)


do not update any drivers unless you have to,  ie: conexant drivers that claims to fix form beaming error.  it doesn't and it


creates more errors for you like the smartaudio error.



just a heads up because I just got my system a week ago and end up having to restore my system because I like keeping all


my drivers up to date but lenovo screws you over if you update drivers. Lenovo has changed the way i think about new drivers


and patches.    (new drivers/patches from lenovo= bad/screw up your system)

Fanfold Paper
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Re: TVSU support for Vista SP2

Well, I just tried running system update and get the same error. I was hoping that the existing version would automatically update to the SP2 supported version but I just get the "Searching for agent updates" followed by the same old error.


Is there some standalone download that I need to get this to work? If not, I guess it is either not released yet or not fixed yet.

Punch Card
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Re: TVSU support for Vista SP2

well, if u just want the TVSU to work just go here and follow the steps


basically you are editing the mapping xml file to add  the sp2 which lenovo was supposed to fix in this patch.



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Re: TVSU support for Vista SP2

[ Edited ]

Unfortunately, it seems this patch is flawed. I have a T61p with Vista x64 SP2 and TVSU v3.14.0024 installed. I have the same problem as everyone else regarding the "An error occurred while gathering user information.".


I just tried installing this patch (I did shut down TVSU prior to installing this) and it came up with the following error:



Application has generated an exception that could not be handled.


Process id=0x2da8 (11688), Thread id=0x2dac (11692)


Click OK to terminate the application.

Click Cancel to debug the application.



Windows is fully patched up as per Windows/Microsoft Update.


It seems this patch hasn't been thoroughly tested prior to release.


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What's DOS?
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Re: TVSU support for Vista SP2

Exactly my Problem.

And because I updated to Vist 64-bit, Lenovo won't give support anymore...


The error means:


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