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Serial Port
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What is UNCServer.exe?

I am running Windows 7 on a ThinkPad T410. I have all the latest updates installed from both Microsoft and Lenovo.


When I use Alt+Tab, I see the following application.


It is located here: C:\Program Files\Lenovo\System Update\UNCServer.exe


Can anyone tell me what this does and why it is always running on my computer?

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Re: What is UNCServer.exe?

Hello mate,


The latest version of TVSU let that thing open all the time. Don't know what it is. I have to close that manually each time I check for updates with TVSU.


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Serial Port
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Re: What is UNCServer.exe?

Good call. I rebooted and it wasn't there. I open and closed ThankVantage System Update, but UNCServer.exe remains running in the background.

What's DOS?
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Re: What is UNCServer.exe?

Even worse: if you are using windows firewall, when you start lenovo system update, two inbound rules are programmatically inserted in the firewall that permit inbound TCP and UDP traffic to UNCServer.exe. I have found no way to avoid this. Every time I run system update, I have to delete the two new rules by hand. Even if I create blocking rules to block inbound traffic to UNCServer.exe, system update will eliminate my rules (any rules regarding this exe) and create its own ones. Awesome!
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Re: What is UNCServer.exe?

Blargh. I was wondering what that is. Alt+Tabbing to it and hitting Alt+F4 makes it go away though.

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Blue Screen Again
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Re: What is UNCServer.exe?



Really annoying to have it take up a slot in the task list when ALT+Tabbing

Token Ring
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Re: What is UNCServer.exe?

2 years later and this is still not corrected??!!!

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Blue Screen Again
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Re: What is UNCServer.exe?

Approximately, 6.5 years later, the problem is still unsolved. Lenovo Team please reply and solve the problem!

Thanks in advance.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: What is UNCServer.exe?

I can attest to that. Saw it for first time today, as akKI2904 said -- about 6 1/2 years later. I was on mission to get Microphone Mute Button in ThinkPad W530 to work again after reformatting. My drive is too tiny for hulk programs of today that refuse to side-load to external drive. Back to point: I think perhaps it shows for allowing / participating in anonymous usage collection of their utility tools. Not sure though. Sometimes I say yes to participate, sometimes I say no. I might hunt down the participation and tick (confirm selection) NO to see if it stops. I've yet to reboot, but based on other's findings, I should expect to see this again.


Still a useful post, CustomerX

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Re: What is UNCServer.exe?

UNCserver.exe is system update(Universal Naming Convention) server module.

It runs as a separate windows task while System Update is running. It opens inbound TCP and UDP traffic to allow SU to self update and download install packages.


If you ALT+tab during SU running, a task window will appear with uncserver.exe.

On my windows 10 system, upon exit of SU, the uncserver.exe task is no longer showing via ALT+tab.


If you still see this task after SU is closed, please state the OS you are running and which version of SU you are using. Years ago there was a bug in SU where uncserver.exe did not terminate after SU was closed and left a ICON on the task bar, as/was showing in message 1 of this post. 

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