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Fanfold Paper
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Where has disk space gone?

I am running Vista Home premium OS.   When I look at the SW Preload C: drive it says that I have 105G capacity and am using 102G.  When I look at all of the the visible directoriies, they say I am using about 40G.  When I use the DOS command window, I see other directories such as RRBackups and "System Volume Information"  which I am not able to view.  How do I determine how much space is being used by these directories?  How do I view these directories?
Punch Card
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Re: Where has disk space gone?

Under folder options in the "tools" menu in an explorer window, go to view and uncheck the option about hiding protected OS files. System volume info is a Windows folder and RRBackups is where backups made in TVR&R are stored.
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Re: Where has disk space gone?

Its nice, i traced my 75GB in T60. finally i got it in RRbackups. i deleted rrback thru R&R in Think vitage, and disabled via advanced options.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Where has disk space gone?

I've been driven nuts by wondering where my hard drive on my X60 has been disappearing to! Now - after months of deleting tons of PowerPoint files, video etc to try to make space and having to buy CDs to copy them to - which is hardly efficient (and fearing viruses, Trojans or something worse as being the cause) - I have recovered FIFTY GIGABYTES!!!!!! I am so relieved, but SO B****Y ANGRY!!!!! What kind of an idiot thinks putting utilities on like R&R is a good idea without making it very clear to users what the effect of having it is going to do? It was only after downloading Space Monger software to analyse my hard drive that I found 'protected sections' of the disk and that it referred to RRBackup. A Google lead me to the Lenovo pages and then I found so many other people with the same problems as I had been having!


Don't get me wrong, a back up utility is useful - but for God's sake Lenovo do a better job of telling people that it will use increasingly more of the hard drive to store backups. As it happens, I back up to an external hard drive so don't need the R&R feature, and I am a bit sceptical that a backup on a drive that might fail is useful anyway. But that's by the by.... 


The inconvenience and hassle this 'feature' has caused me is considerable and I guess it's the same for many other people too. Still, at least I've found it - deleted the backups and now have a hard drive that's usable again!


What's DOS?
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Re: Where has disk space gone?

I know that this is an old post but I'm hoping that someone can help me. I have unchecked hiding protected OS files but now I'm not sure where to find the volume info. Please help.
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