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X220 Fingerprint enrollment problems post domain migration

We recently reinstalled our 2008 R2 domain moving it from a SBS to a full server environment. We maintained the original domain name and re-created the users with the same credentials. I am using a X220 which runs Win7-64. 


Following the joining on the new domain my fingerprint continued to work and log me on to the new domain however it wasn't behaving properly within Internet explorer continually asking for my password to be re-entered so I decided to try re-enrol all fingerprints. I used the Lenovo fingerprint software and the first thing that stood out was that there appeared to be no fingerprint to delete when I logged on, however when I went into the configuration it has the option to manage enrolled fingerprints. It showed nothing however it showed that I had 19 free enrolments still possible.  After I exited from this screen I now had the option to delete previously enrolled fingerprints which I clicked on and chose all rather than the my user options.


Following this I rebooted and went into the bios and selected to erase the fingerprint reader within the bios and rebooted back into the system. At the logon screen it advised me no fingerprints were registered and that I should enrol some. I logged in manually and went to the fingerprint enrolment assuming everything was now reset. I then attempted to enrol my right index finger and the system advised me the finger was already enrolled, so I went back to fingerprint management option which still showed no detail however it now shows 21 free fingers. I noticed also that my left index finger is enrolled however I am free to enrol other fingers.


I now ensured that I had the latest Client Security Solution software and Fingerprint software 5.9.5-64 and still I have the same issue. I have even fully uninstalled the fingerprint software and used the Windows biometric software which also reflects no finger prints however when I try enrol those fingers it advises already enrolled?


What do I do?

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