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Paper Tape
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Re: two finger scrolling unsmooth?

I made an account just to type this message. I have been using Apple computers for decades now. Unfortunately, MATLAB is HORRIBLE on Macs and Macs are very expensive. I was so happy to be able to get a ThinkPad W520 with 16GB of RAM and a quad core i7 for fairly cheap! I actually had no previous experience with ThinkPads, I only bought it because it was affordable and powerful. All I can say is WOW. I am SERIOUSLY impressed. This computer is fantastic. Great job, Lenovo!


HOWEVER, the only thing I REALLY disliked was the multitouch. It felt really, really cheaply done compared with the Macs I've had for so long. But the "two finger scroll" app that the guy here posted is FANTASTIC. I'm really happy to know that the horrible performance was due to software and not hardware. I highly suggest that Lenovo implement this algorithm instead of the one they're currenlty using which is just awful.


Thanks for the great computer!

Fanfold Paper
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Re: two finger scrolling unsmooth?

agree with Dan0. Lenovo should use additional effort/provide customization options in the Ultranav driver. The pad scrolling functions are unusable due to the unnatural acceleration.
Paper Tape
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Re: two finger scrolling unsmooth?

This is an old post, but it has seriously helped me, so I thought I’d give it a bump.


My x220 replaced a Unibody MacBook. Two finger scrolling on the Mac... heaven... two finger scrolling on x220... hell. I spent a lot of time trying different settings, nothing made it what I would consider usable. The touchpad was one of my biggest single regrets moving from Apple; until now!


As a previous poster described (in more detail), to make the touchpad work more like a MacBook’s (or just actually work):

1. Download TwoFingerScroll

2. Enable 'start with windows'

3. Goto 'Scrolling' and disable acceleration

4. Reduce the speed to a slower setting

5. Change ‘Scroll Mode’ to ‘Smooth’ – feels more controlled than ‘Compatible’

6. Goto the Lenovo’s Touchpad settings (found in the mouse setting in Control Panel) and disable two-finger scrolling there.


Lenovo if you had installed this 300KB program, and hidden it as a service, then I think users would have been pleasantly surprised with the implementation; as opposed to dropping it for less natural alternatives.


P.S. Coincidently the touchpad works really well (just like with TwoFingerScroll) in Debian Linux. I believe the issues lie with the software checks Lenovo do to avoid accidental touches to the pad whilst typing. But in doing so make a very useful feature... unusable.


What's DOS?
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Re: two finger scrolling unsmooth?

This is a good thread, and a great recommendation.  Night and day difference in the trackpad when using TwoFingerScrolling, highly recommended.


Next question however:


Anyone know how to get a Two-Finger TAP going for a right-click?  I know you can do a Two-Finger CLICK for a right-click, but I don't see the option for a TAP?




PS: what about Swipe gestures, such as to go forwards and backwards in browser; etc.?



What's DOS?
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Re: two finger scrolling unsmooth?

@Hysy: Yes this makes a lot of sense, thanks for the nice list of instructions!


@lenovo: I must admit that I am absolutely amazed at how you get the feeling that you can allow yourselves this shocking display of incapability to each and every one of your thinkpad customers. I've only just unpacked my machine, and as a person that buys a computer as a tool (rather than something to tend to and play with and optimize and, yes, fix), and am very much worried how much more stuff will need this kind of repair, or worse, not work ever at all...? Fingers crossed!!!

Serial Port
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Re: two finger scrolling unsmooth?

There is a new release of the Ultranav driver which seems to make the two fingered scrolling smoother. its version It's smoother in firefox and Excel, but Word it still jumps

What's DOS?
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Re: two finger scrolling unsmooth?

hi all,


thanks for the really helpful posts, I was having the same issue with my trackpad, and twofingerscroll was a really helpful add-in. 


I have an X1, so my trackpad is one flat square, with the right/left click buttons integrated (like a mac). The issue I am running into now is I like to rest my thumb on the left click button, while using my pointer finger to navigate. When i do this with twofingerscroll enabled, it thinks both fingers on the trackpad are trying to "twofingerscroll". Naturally it doesn't work very well, and interupts the normal movement of the mouse.


Anyone else have this issue / have a way to fix it? 



Token Ring
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Re: two finger scrolling unsmooth?

The twofingerscroll app that is linked here is a fantastic improvement, and also free. Lenovo should contact the designer and find out if they can install it as a compliment to ultranav (I want to say it's open source, but I donated to the original author because I felt he really improved my laptop by making it).


I believe the newest version is even Win 8 compatible, so if you have concerns about that you can hit up the twofingerscroll site and double check.

Punch Card
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Re: two finger scrolling unsmooth?

I downloaded this one myself! It's waaaaay better than Lenovos driver which really sucks!

What's DOS?
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Re: two finger scrolling unsmooth?

It's now 6 six year later than when this topic was started. Amazed that this issue has persisted for so long. The "twofingerscroll" solution still works like a charm though - thanks guys!

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