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Issues with TLP on a T470 with Centos 7 (aka RedHat)

I am trying to run TLP (advanced power management program) on Centos 7 on a Thinkpad T470. I have two issues.

1) I don't have a problem installing the base program, but I can't install the supplemental programs that are needed for additional settings that I need with the Thinkpad, specifically the battery threshold. I only see instructions for Fedora with regards to installing these Thinkpad specific additional programs.

2) I actually had to remove everything because the laptops' temperatures were reaching 70C. Immediately booting into Windows afterwards on the same laptop caused the fan to run very fast for a while in order to cool things down to around 45C.


Note that TLP works fine with Linux Mint on the same laptop.

Getting back to the install,

For Centos I did the following to install the base TLP programs as I did with linux Mint:
yum install tlp tlp-rdw

After installing TLP the status shows:
+++ Suggestions
* Install acpi-call kernel module for ThinkPad battery features
+++ ThinkPad Battery Features
tp-smapi = inactive (unsupported hardware)
tpacpi-bat = inactive (kernel module 'acpi_call' not installed)

For Linux Mint the following was required for the Lenovo Thinkpad in order to run the optional commands that I need: tp-smapi-dkms & acpi-call-dkms. These packages don't exist in the base Centos repositories.

There are TLP instructions for Fedora that require the following from the RPM Fusion and TLP repositories: akmod-tp_smapi & akmod-acpi_call & kernel-devel. I am not sure these are the proper programs for Centos so I didn't try and install them. The only one that is in the base Centos repostory is kernel-devel, which was already installed.

Has anyone been able to get this to work properly?

What's DOS?
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Re: Issues with TLP on a T470 with Centos 7 (aka RedHat)

Yes. But I had to compile my own kernel. Neither CentOS nor the EPEL repos provide a kernel that will work.

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