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Re: Lenovo X2 Lollipop bugs

2015-06-24, 11:27 AM
How about the issue on bluethoot headset unclear sound?any solution? It was perfect from kitkat.

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Re: Lenovo X2 Lollipop bugs

2015-06-24, 11:48 AM



Tried factory reset ..led notification working now.


new issues found after factory reset

*If I open any appa or any notification comes display is not trurnig  OFF automatically.

Im doing manually doing each time..while charging also always display ON


Pls tell me some solution


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Lenovo X2 Lollipop bug

2015-06-24, 14:25 PM



I have recommended my friends to go for vibe X2 due to its less wait, fastense and its features but after updating the lolipop. I hate to use it,  the phone is very slow compare to 4.4.2.


1. My phone is overheated when I am taking updates from play store and also while using whatsup too. I never experienced in 4.4.2 version.

2. The screen theme rotation is not avilable in lollpop. Earlier it was nice feature.


Please let me know how to reset to 4.4.2 version.



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Lenovo Vibe X2 on Lollipop can not paly FM Radio via speaker (only headphones)

2015-06-24, 20:37 PM

Lenovo Vibe X2 on Lollipop can not paly FM Radio via built in speaker... (only headphones)... it actually plays via headphones even when i select speaker. It was working before but not anymore... i suspect but not sure, that it stopped working when i upgraded to lollipop. any suggestions?




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Re: Lenovo X2 Lollipop bugs

2015-06-24, 23:37 PM
I have updated my phone to lollipop successfully. After the update for some days there were no problems, but now my top portion of the screen is not working. I am not able to pull the notification bar from top and not able touch any buttons on top in any applications. Am not able pull notification bar from lockscreen too....

I formatted my phone four times both hard and soft reset.

plz help me out.

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Re: Lenovo X2 Lollipop bugs

2015-06-25, 1:10 AM

@wangwei, what about mobile data, and issue that phone is working slow like it has 512mb of ram


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New Delhi

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Re: Lenovo X2 Lollipop bugs

2015-06-25, 3:28 AM
Same here, not able to pull down the notification bar.


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Re: Lenovo X2 Lollipop bugs

2015-06-25, 3:50 AM



I'm having issues with random freeze and restarts happing multiple times a day.

I've tried a factory reset which didn't resolve the issue, I've also tried going back to

Kitkat and updating to Lollipop but I continue to have restarts.


Also Kitkat was stable with no restarts.


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Re: Lenovo X2 Lollipop bugs

2015-06-26, 7:56 AM

The Network data is connecting to 2g service only.

Before upgade to Lollipop it was working fine, the symbol was showing H+ and some times H.

But now it's showing E, some time rarely it shows H.  I am fed up of this issue..

I am not able to browse anything Even whatsapp messages are not going it's taking long time.


and also Lock screen music player option are (like pause,next ,previous) disabled. we want it back.


Gallery Thumbnails grid view are very big. need option to change to small,medium,large.


Image editing tools was fantastic before upgrade to Lollipop. We want it back as before.


Volume button is not controlling the notification or message volume, its only contorlls ringtone volume. We want it back as before, it was good before upgrade.


While charging LED notification is not working. Before upgrade also it was very dull light we cant notice also.


Lenovo Please fix the issues asap.



thank you.


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Lollipop bad design on VIBE X2

2015-06-26, 8:42 AM

Please, change interface of android 5.0. It looks like windows 98 when I enter into pictures, or settings. Colors are very cheep. It doesn't look like serious phone like that! Kit Kat was wonderful!!!Also, I have a problem with data conection. It last for a couple minutes, and then I have to switch on wi-fi because data doesn't work. After reset, same thing...works for a couple minutes, and then wi-fi again. On Kit Kat was everything all right!

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