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Offer an SDK for the Headset or an in-app integration of third party applications

There are already a lot of existing users and a interested community of developers. It would be great, if you could bring them together. Even for non-Jedi use of the Mirage AR Headset.


This might be done by offering an direct SDK, or, of that's not feasible due to limitations (eg on iOS due to HW integration rules), by offering a way to include third party developments in an app of yours (this approach might create the need for a non-Jedi themed general purpose app).


Starting with an Android-only SDK might also help in case the iOS implementation has too many hurdles to overcome.

Fanfold Paper

Fully agree.  This hardware is unique in the marketplace, and will enable the production of a huge variety of apps.  Give developers that SDK, and turn them loose!


What's DOS?

We are a devteam looking for a device and SDK to use for our project. The Lenovo Mirage AR is perfect for our usecase and access to the SDK would be great! 

Lenovo Employee
Status changed to: Considering Implementation



Thank you so much for your dedication and enthusiasm. I have brought this idea up with other segments of the SWJC team, and they are considering the possibility. 


I will keep this thread updated with any future developments. Smiley Happy 

Blue Screen Again



Very cool. I hope we don‘t have to buy the next genration first Smiley Happy


A USB device/protocol description would also help. 



What's DOS?

I agree with the above posts. For the $ this is the best /most comfortable AR headset. Opening up for dev would be perfect. With additional bluetooth input methods this could really be much more than a lightsaber dueling toy. Please let us know when an SDK can be opened up!

What's DOS?

Lenovo is crazy for not acting on this opportunity a year ago when it was selling like hotcakes. Magic Leap One has been borderline disaster; this is already in the hands of many consumers, but with not enough content to sustain it to the next holiday season.

Blue Screen Again

Local dealer had them for 79 bucks recently. So I would guess it‘s dead. 


Still, the reflective screen itself might still work as nice AR screen when paired with a Nolo VR. 



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I am still not giving up on this. I want to create a POC project for an idea revolving around this device, and present it to my board of directors. Mainly used for enhancing public safety services.


An SDK would be most welcome to have at this point.


Do let me know if you require my company's contact details so we can discuss further.

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