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Lenovo Staff
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I don't find the app useful and wish to uninstall it. 


If you do not find the app to be useful, uninstalling Dependency Package will remove it.


Note that while uninstalling the Dependency Package will eliminate Lenovo Messenger, it will also remove the functionality that is required for the Companion and Settings applications to run properly.


The easiest (and recommended) way to disable Lenovo Messenger is to prevent it from running automatically.  To accomplish this, 

  1. Run Lenovo Messenger
  2. Click 'Settings'
  3. Uncheck 'Automatically run at startup'
  4. Close Lenovo Messenger



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Brilliant - thank you! So there are apps hidden inside programs. This may be why I can't find other unwanted apps to uninstall them.... Clever developers' trick!


Thanks again - Eric