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Virus Protection with ThinkVantage Toolbox

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Started ‎02-08-2011 by
Modified ‎02-08-2011 by


Recently I had to change antivirus software as a university policy change. We now use Microsoft Security Essentials. However upon changing antivirus software our computers are still showing the old antivirus software in the ThinkVantage Toolbox --> Security Networking --> Virus Protection.


Instead of uninstalling the ThinkVantage Toolbox and reinstalling there should be beneficial way to remedy this problem. Otherwise users will continue to recieve the red X on the Toolbox and the icon on the lower screen.


Will there be an update to ThinkVantage Toolbox to correct this? We are also XP users and have no plan to migrate soon our laptops soon.



This situation is due to the fact, that directly when you installed ThinkVantage Toolbox it associated all the infomrations into it.
So right now, what you are facing is the correct behaviour of this application.
Here is how you can let this go away:
- uninstall Toolbox
- make sure, it's deleted also from %programfiles%, registry and %programfiles%\Common files
- * reboot the machine
- install Toolbox back

The main readon is that the metadata is still in the registry stored, so you need to clear it, so that the informations will be reloaded.