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Lenovo Staff
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Is there a difference between a Security Suite and a Standalone? Is it better to have one Suite or multiple programs or does it not matter-doesn't matter? Do the two affect the speed of my machine differently? What are the advantages of using different vendors?


It's really up to the user and how he wants his system to be "scratch" free. As examples:


1.You have a gaming rig and you wouldn't want any of those alert messages, notifications and any resource hogging to disturb your gaming experience so a standalone will be preferred;


2. You are a heavy user of your laptop and bring it to work and public places, so a well-rounded AV suite that will notify you if anything goes awry is good;


3. You use your machine most often for browsing, streaming, and research, so you could use different combinations of AV/AM products to provide a comprehensive look at any statistic, notice or alert that you would need.


Then there's of course the system's adequacy to support either a suite or standalone AV/AM.


Some folks appreciate the convenience of suites. They just need to run one package and AV, firewall, antispam, etc. are all installed.  They will just need to configure and manage one product as well after the installation.  One drawback of this is if the suite fails (crashed, corrupted, etc.), all of the features might fail as well.


So it is up to your preference and needs.

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