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What's DOS?
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Cannot start in safe mode using F8



I have a Lenovo 3000 N200 machine, a few years old.


I was recently infected with a "Met Police" type virus (demanding money because I had apparently downloaded child porn, etc) and now I am unable to get into the system at all.


This happened about a year ago, unfortunately, and I was able to boot the machine in safe mode by tapping F8 continuously after turning it on, then using regedit to remove the .exe file it had left behind.


This time, however, I can't get it to recognise F8 (or any other function key) at all, and the buffer fills after a while, reacting to each keystroke with a beep. I am presented with a black screen with a single, non-flashing flat cursor in the top left of the screen. I have no alternative at that point but to turn the machine off.


I have tried using  the LenovoCare button, which does respond with menu options, but I don't see any reference to "safe mode" and don't really want to mess where I don't belong.


Before I spend a bunch of money at a repair shop before being told I need a new box, can anyone suggest a way for me to start in safe mode?


Thank you.



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Re: Cannot start in safe mode using F8

Hi collizz, welcome to the forum,


if you have access to another computer I suggest you download Kaspersky Rescue Disc and create a bootable cd, below is a link to a knowledgebase article where you can download it and also find out how to use it.


Good luck.


p.s. moving to Security and Malware board.



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Re: Cannot start in safe mode using F8

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Hi collizz,


Adding to Andy's good instructions, once you get Kaspersky Rescue Disk downloaded, here are some instructions specific to removing that malware using Kaspersky's Rescue Disk 10:


If you want a trained analyst to walk you through it, one-on-one, there are helpers at the forums listed by Trend Micro here: SpywareHammer is included in that list. The help is free, but you will need to register. If you'd like you can click on the link in my signature. Or post at one of the others - your choice.


Best of luck in getting your issue resolved.

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