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Re: Cloud Computing

Nice response, Aryeh. 


topmahof mentioned,


"I use a few hosting sites to store some pictures, but nothing major."


One thing that people often don't think about when it comes to not only hosting sites such as what you referred to but also social media sites, such as Facebook, Google+/Picasa, TwitPic, etc. is that they are using cloud storage. 


With the ease of using a mobile connection to share family photos in social media sites, remember that there is no guarantee that such sites will continue being available. 


If you do share irreplaceable family photos via mobile upload, don't forget to create a backup on your home PC.

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Re: Cloud Computing



Thanks for expanding on that.  


This event was a great idea.  There's issues being discussed here that wouldn't normally be brought up in a forum.


It's one thing to have someone answer a question by saying, "I think", it's quite another thing to have experts answer from experience.


In my case, I think that cloud storage should be used as a convenience, not as a primary means of storage.  (it wouldn't be primary, anyway).  


I thank everyone for the effort in helping me understand what cloud storage is all about, and to give me a good understanding about how it works, and what to expect when I use it.



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