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Blue Screen Again
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Help with anti-virus programs, PLEASE!

New Lenovo and it won't allow me to install AVG anti-virus. Download completed but when trying to install, after hours of waiting, I get an error message saying something about Microsoft, so I presume it's the bully response trying to make me accept Norton or some other anti-virus software they are pushing which I don't want.


How to make Lenovo accept MY choice of anti-virus software?


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Re: Help with anti-virus programs, PLEASE!



I have never had a problem installing another antivirus program onto a ThinkPad (or ThinkCentre) computer, so I think this may be some sort of error message about a missing component or patch level.  Here is what I would suggest that you try:


  1. Download, and have ready to run, the Symantec Norton Removal Tool (assuming your computer came with a Symantec product).  If your computer came with a McAfee product, download the McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool, instead.
  2. Download the full package for the latest version of your prefered anti-malware solution.
  3. Run Microsoft Windows Update on the computer to ensure it is up-to-date with respect to all know operating system service packs, hot-fixes and updates.  Install the optional components, too.  Several reboots may be required before the computer is fully updated.
  4. After the computer is updated, uninstall the currently-installed anti-malware program via the Program ands Features Control Panel applet (filename: APPWIZ.CPL).  A reboot will likely be required to complete uninstallation.
  5. Run the appropriate Removal Tool from step #1 to remove any orphaned drivers, services or leftover registry entries from the now-uninstalled anti-malware program.  Again, a reboot may be required to finish the operation.
  6. Begin installation of your preferred security software.

At this point, you should now have your security software installed on your Lenovo computer.




Aryeh Goretsky


I am a volunteer and neither a Lenovo nor a Microsoft employee.

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Re: Help with anti-virus programs, PLEASE!

Hi AVGpreferred,


Are you sure that you want to install AVG? Have you investigated all the current problems with it including the fact that it is difficult to completely remove and that it interferes with specialized removal tools should you ever encounter malware that it cannot handle? There is a list of issues here. If you should ever have the need to work with a security analyst who needs to have you run ComboFix to remove an infection, CF will refuse to run if AVG is installed. The AVG uninstaller will not remove all components. Neither will the AVG removal tool. You may ask, "Why would I need malware removal if I have AVG?"  That is because AVG has been known to miss malware installing itself on a system. No anti-virus catches everything.

There are other options if you are looking for a free AV. Here is a list. AVG was removed from the list here and at some other sites because of recent issues with it.


After researching the pro and cons if you still want to install it, I wish you the best of luck.

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