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I think I have a VIRUS, TROJAN or something! Help! Urgent!

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I had a post up months ago about this. My problems went away, so it was decided that I did not have a virus or Trojan.


NOW I THINK I DO! Internet service has slowed down to a crawl. It started about four days ago. I can get work done in the morning and then in the afternoon everything slows down to a crawl- I can't get anything done. It is like that for hours and hours. I am not sure if it is my ISP or external modem, but I contacted them both anyway and complained. (If anyone knows of any ATT dial up changes, please let me know.) I can always get a new modem or change ISP.


From my first experience here, I started using Security Essentials. I kept it updated and ran it often. I ran bothSecurity Essentials and Windows Defender. Neither one found anything. I opened and ran DDS, if anyone is interested in looking at it.  Since now my connection is so slow, downloading is not a good idea. I know this might complicate the process.)


Last time around, I was instructed to download System Sweeper. I did download it, but never used it. Would it be ok to try it now? Essentials can't come up with anything, but I would like to try the sweeper. (Unless it would be a waste of time.)


I don't know what to do. Honestly, I am dumbfounded by the drop in internet speed. I wanted to run Malware Bites and Avast, but updating would take all night












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Re: I think I have a VIRUS, TROJAN or something! Help! Urgent!

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I have reviewed your topic from August. Often with malware infections, the proverb "A stitch in time saves nine" is true. Please follow my instructions HERE. You can post a recent DDS log instead of HijackThis if you cannot download HijackThis. Please include with that post a link to August's diagnosis in which "it was decided that I did not have a virus or Trojan."  By doing that, your helper will have a history of what happened.


To answer your question, yes, you could try System Sweeper. However, do not install Avast. It will conflict with MSE and make matters worse.

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