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Lenovo firmware updates - how long are they created for

How long does Lenovo produce firmware updates for a specific model of laptop?  I have T570 and T580 series laptops. 


Trying to determine what is the timeline at which I need to replace the hardware if there are no firmware updates to address security vulnerabilities.


Certain cellphones for example will only produce firmware updates for three years after the product is introduced.  After that there will be no security related updates.

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Re: Lenovo firmware updates - how long are they created for

I own a Lenovo G50-30 and they never releases a firmware update/ BIOS to cover Spectre/Meltdown threats.


Latest BIOS availability is still dated 2015.... 


Here is an example:

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Re: Lenovo firmware updates - how long are they created for



Most computers are supported from 2-5 years, depending on the manufacturer and if consumer/business product line. If you had no updates AT ALL for 18+ months, I would consider the machine abandoned.


I, however, expect business lines to get about 5 years of support. I read my P52 has 5 years of manufacturer support from the initial availability, and that ends up around July 2024. I cannot find back where I read it, however. And I tried HARD...


Hope it helps!


I'm a user, NOT a Lenovo employee. If my post helped, consider giving me a Kudos. If I solved your issue, please mark it as Solved.
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