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What's DOS?
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New to BioExcess & Port Locker

I recently purchased a Lenovo E-350 laptop at Best Buy. It came with Port Locker & BioExcess installed, and I have a couple of concerns.


Every time I would power up, I would get little reminders that each of these programs had not been set up. At first, I ignored them; but then it occurred to me that, as long as I didn't set them up, someone else could come along and set them up and lock me out of my own laptop. So, although I would rather have NEITHER program running on my machine, I set up Port Locker. Now, whenever, I want to connect a flash drive, etc., I have to type in my Windows password. What a nuisance. Is there some way I can disable this thing?


Second, I want to go through the set up procedure for BioExcess (in order to pre-empt someone else from coming along and doing it), but I do NOT want it to work. I am leery of new features because they always come attended by bugs and other little problems, and I don't want some software engineer's short-sightedness, or even just a dirty finger, to lock me out of my computer. If I set this thing up, can I completely disable it and if so how?


I don't want to uninstall these programs, though I will if there is no less drastic solution, because I don't want to throw away something that might someday prove useful. I just want to be in charge of my own computer. Completely.


Can someone instruct me? Thanks.



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Re: New to BioExcess & Port Locker



You could use msconfig to keep these services from starting by unchecking all references in the startup and services tabs or you could just uninstall the software and let the drivers remain to satisfy the device manager.


Note: You can always get the software back (if needed) from the Lenovo support site.


Good luck.

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Re: New to BioExcess & Port Locker

Hello original poster,


Did you ever get the answer you were looking for and/or get your issue resolved?


Please let us know.


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