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What's DOS?
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I needed superfish gone!

Everytime when we tried to reset the laptop, this "superfish" keep coming back!!!


Is lenovo going to solve this? I don't how you going to do that, just do something. I don't even dare to do online banking transfer due to this adware.


And with your removal tools, it not remove everything, i can still scan it with other software, such as hitman pro.


Are we going to get any solution on this? I do not want to see it coming back, anymore, especially after reset.


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Token Ring
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Re: Potentially Unwanted Program - Superfish VisualDiscovery

Yes, I tried the Lenovo 'removal' program for Superfish and then I discovered the recovery partition and the OneKey recovery are still infected with this pernicious malware.

And I bought my Yoga 2 13 a month ago, from PC World, marked with a big 'New' sign by this model in the store display. So this story Lenovo are putting about that they no longer distribute infected units to unsuspecting customers is demonstrably false, presumably so more people will buy these infected units whilst believing them to be clean? Scarey.

Seeing as how Lenovo are clearly not going to release a utility that will remove Superfish, what do we do? (the current utility only stops it running temporarily, until you use OneKey recovery or the recovery system built in to Windows at which point it re-enables because Lenovo's uninstaller does not remove the active Superfish malware from your device permanently).

This is not surprising, as to produce a working removal tool would totally undermine Lenovo's reasons for installing it in the first place and their reasons for continuing to sell infected systems covered up by untrue press releases with a removal program on the site that does not actually remove the malware and leaves it able to re-infect users.

Can anyone tell me of a virus cleaner or a manual method to remove this malware from my Lenovo PC ENTIRELY. So it never comes back? Just tell me which files to delete on the recovery partitions and I'll do it, rather than waiting for Lenovo. Thanks.
Token Ring
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Re: Potentially Unwanted Program - Superfish VisualDiscovery

Oh, and if Lenovo were really serious about this being a mistake due to bloatware they regret providing, it would be simply solved. Just make a landing page with links and advertising offering users the chance to download your malware options which you make as the initial home page on your PC's browsers. Then customers can choose what bits of your malware they would like to expose themselves to and those that prefer a clean system will not need to go through all this messing about.

I'm guessing this won't happen though... I wonder why?
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Re: Potentially Unwanted Program - Superfish VisualDiscovery

I was reading over a legal settlement re: superfish


I have T and X series machines with clean installs of Windows so I do not believe I was ever affected


still counterfeiting certificates is not a sound business decision 


I have even gone to the extreme to install new ROMs to get around whitelists, only to have to face an even harder headache with my X230 which is using a certificate to block 3rd party ROMs


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I own: T400 T500 X220 X230 all running Windows 10 Professional

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