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Security Solutions for different environment / market segment?

2011-11-28, 18:00 PM

Hi all

From what I know, network / server equipments are separated into different kinds of range such as Small Business, Medium Business, Large Enterprise and Telco (ISP) Level / Range.


Some companies have different range of antimalware solutions - such as Standard, NAS, SAN, Exchange and more.

Is there any certain strict need / requirement special clients (such as Military, Government or Telco) asked for? How does those special clients need / requirement compare to Small, Medium or Large Enterprise?

Cheers :smileyvery-happy:

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Re: Security Solutions for different environment / market segment?

2011-11-29, 10:12 AM



Generally speaking, the base antivirus engine, what's the core of the product, remains the same across all market sectors.  There may be some changes in default behavior for some options, but that's just because consumer and business segments have different needs, and those tend to be the more ancillary functions, such as options which interact with the user on the desktop. 


The larger the number of computers, the greater the need for centralized management, update and reporting features. 


For an ISP (or an organization large enough to act as one), they may be looking more at behaviors of traffic as it flows across their network, looking more at sudden changes in behavior that may indicate a computer has become compromised, such as sudden increases in incoming or outgoing traffic, or communications on non-standard ports.  In this case, they may not be looking for a particular executable file that is a bot or a trojan, but rather the behavior it performs while transiting their network.  Depending upon the ISP, you may start getting emails from them warning about suspicious activity, or have your browser redirected into a "walled garden" that informs you of the unusual behavior seen from your computer.




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Re: Security Solutions for different environment / market segment?

2011-11-30, 0:02 AM



Yes, goretsky is correct -- larger companies/organizations need to have a good centralized management to monitor all of their machines on a single console/window.  Another thing that they consider is a good and detailed report/s from their security solutions.  Computer administrators from these large companies/organizations regularly create and submit reports to their superiors, so having a product that generates a good report is a plus for them.


Large companies/organizations also have a different setup since they have equipments that home users usually don't have like File Servers, Exchange Servers, Gateway/Proxy, etc.  Having said this, they need additional protection for those types of machines/equipments.


On "special clients", I think their setup is very similar to large companies/organizations.  They are just more cautious in terms of security that's why some of them (if budget permits) put on another level of protection which detects and/or prevents zero-day vulnerability attacks.


They will also have a different security software/application for their other "special" devices (machines that don't run on Windows, Virtual Environment, etc.).






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