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Fanfold Paper
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T470 20HD BIOS Recalled?

So I jumped out to the T470 20HD downloads and noticed BIOS version available is now 1.43.


I currently have in my downloads version 1.44, I've searched and have not found a reason for this. Does anybody know why this was pulled?



1.44      (N1QUJ13W)  1.44 (N1QET69W)      1.30 (N1QHT48W)   01    2017/12/25

 UEFI: 1.44 / ECP: 1.30
- [Important] Enhancement to address CVE-2017-5715.
- (Fix) Fix an issue where user cannot enter Bitlocker Pin code by using Bloomberg 4 keyboard.
- (Fix) Fix an issue where system cannot boot with USB 3.0 Ethernet adapter or ThinkPad Docks
        with USB Ethernet device.
- (Fix) Fix an issue where Operating System cannot recognize custom ACPI Table.
- (Fix) Fix an issue where Wireless LAN connection is not recovered after restart or
        hibernation when Wireless Auto Disconnection is set to Enabled.
- (Fix) Fix an issue where system does not boot from LAN by Intel AMT.




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Re: T470 20HD BIOS Recalled?

Update was pulled on Intel's request, as new CPU microcode make system unstable. More information below:

Paper Tape
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Re: T470 20HD BIOS Recalled?

It looks like T450s, T470s and Yoga 2nd at least  have all been pulled...


These versions I have downloaded and actively applying:


T450s - JBET67WW (1.31) 12/14/2017

T470s - N1WET42W (1.21) 12/14/2017

X1 Yoga 2nd - N1NET34W (1.21) 12/14/2017


Are no longer available for download...




Fanfold Paper
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Re: T470 20HD BIOS Recalled?

Interesting, I can see where the 20HD would also be included in that bulletin since it covers so many machines of the same time period, even though it isn't referenced in that document at all.  Neither 20HD nor the N1QUJ13W BIOS ID.  Thanks!

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Re: T470 20HD BIOS Recalled?

Yeah, I have been following that bulletin from the beginning and still no listing for the HD model of the T470...weird.

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