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V310-15ISK BIOS update [0ZCN44WW] gone from the servers


Some time ago, Lenovo released a BIOS update with a microcode update repairing Meltdown / Spectre vulnerabilities - 0ZCN44WW, which has now disappeared from the servers. The newest is the previous one, 0ZCN43WW (

Is this due to Intel's recommendations (
Can you find any informations from Lenovo about this matter?


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Re: V310-15ISK BIOS update [0ZCN44WW] gone from the servers

New microcode for Haswell, Broadwell and Kaby Lake CPUs was found to cause system unstablility. Because of this Intel send a request to Lenovo to pull updates until new microcode will be provided. Lenovo created an article regarding Meltdown/Spectre vulnerabilities with information about BIOS update progress for supported models. More information below:


EDIT: Seems like Skylake CPUs are also affected - Lenovo pulled BIOS updates.

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Re: V310-15ISK BIOS update [0ZCN44WW] gone from the servers

Yep seems like Intel decided its back to the drawing board so to speak on bios fixes. Too many were having issues so I believe Intel instructed all PC makers to pull the bios releases post Spectre/Meltdown. If you happened to install one of those and have no real issues, just wait for further releases. I understand that some have issues downgrading or even experiencing a inability to downgrade the bios. This apprently could be part of why Intel instructed PC makers to pull the bios releases. Still not convinced Intel has been that transparent about this whole thing? They had six months to create a fix and were left with more problems then solutions. Think I will hold off on any more bios updates until they are vetted properly, or through others being guinea pigs. 

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