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Re: Virus Updates and PC Mode

Cloud or not more than one AV active at the same time conflict with each other even if they claim not to. AV 1 might be seeing something and watching it causing AV 2 to be blocked even if it knows it is bad but will not be able to do anything due to AV 1 stopping AV 2. Now it is fine to have 2 AV's installed as long as one is not active. Example I have MSE running all the time. When you do a full scan with another scan say SAS or Malwarebytes the AV is watching the movement and can find deep viruses even from something else looking deep. Even if you have enough ram it would not wise to have 2 active AV's. My 2 cents.
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Re: Virus Updates and PC Mode


Microsoft MVPs state that MSE uses Cloud computing to update  MSE   virus definitions... it is the standard answer to why we do not need daily definition  updates (yes they are considered optional downloads  !!!)  .   Frankly, I do not understand your point.  Maybe you should elaborate.


Hi emmajay,

I was not referring to updating. I believe Stephen gave you an explanation here:

My point is that one needs an internet connection to access the cloud. MSE is an onboard AV that runs in realtime whether you are online or not. Why bother using Immunet?


Furthermore, as MrPeter1985 pointed out, with more than one anti-virus program on the same computer, there is a chance for conflicts if a virus gets on the machine.  Each of the anti-virus programs wants to "control" the situation and in some cases, the task of removing the virus does not get done at all. You will also experience slowdown as each is trying to run in realtime, and you run the risk of data loss from a system crash that the instability can cause. A better option would be to keep one good anti-virus, keep it current, and use it as designed. If a second opinion is needed, use one of the online virus scanners on demand rather than using resources running an AV within the cloud all the time..

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