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What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 900 13ISK Meltdown/Spectre update?

I guess they no longer admit that this is a Lenovo product, lol

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Re: Yoga 900 13ISK Meltdown/Spectre update?



I would suggest waiting to see if there are any further updates of the page.




Aryeh Goretsky


I am a volunteer and neither a Lenovo nor a Microsoft employee.

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Re: Yoga 900 13ISK Meltdown/Spectre update?

This post would perhaps give you a closure as I understand that the majority of us tuning to the official forum in hope for an answer - and perhaps the marketing team would need to take into account that certain users are more frustrated with the lack of a formal acknowledgement which may or may not lead ta fix but common sense dictates that while we can obtain an some part of an answer - we trust that any form of information from the official site should be the relied on for a transparent honest answer even if it's not an ideal one.


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Re: Yoga 900 13ISK Meltdown/Spectre update?

This is just an update to sum up my experience with this critical security issue: 


* no one from Lenovo ever responded 

* the one "Senior Community Moderator" who did reply did not know anything, just said to wait for an update that never came 

* my model was at one point listed on the relevant support page, then removed, no explanation 

* at this point I do not believe that the company ever intends to issue an update to address the problem 


The upshot is that Lenovo has nonexistent product support, even for critical flaws, and their products should not be trusted by anyone who needs their devices to be reasonably secure. For my part I intend to share this experience wherever I encounter the name Lenovo. 

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Re: Yoga 900 13ISK Meltdown/Spectre update?

Yeah, its really bad!!! Smiley Sad

Common lenovo! 

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Re: Yoga 900 13ISK Meltdown/Spectre update?

Yoga 900 13ISK is no longer on the page (, can someone provide information as to when do we expect to get firmware update?

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