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conficker worm advisory

hello all


thought of starting this thread after consulting mark,


The conficker worm which has been there since november last year may change its behaviour starting april the 1st .


For forum members who think they have not patched their system for closing vulnerabiity regarding this worm please check out microsoft's security bulletin MS08-067.



Symptoms of conficker effecting your system

The following system changes may indicate the presence of this malware:
  • The following services are disabled or fail to run:
Windows Security Center Service
Windows Update Auto Update Service
Background Intelligence Transfer Service
Windows Defender
Error Reporting Service
Windows Error Reporting Service


for more information on how the worm can effect your pc visit fsecure's site


users who think have not patched their systems with can get the patch here


to check out if your system is effected by this worm please use any of the following removal tools malcious software removal tool (download here

2.if you cant access this tool use the windows live one saftey scanner

3. or download removal tools from fsecure  

or symantec's removal tool 



Users should install all security updates from microsoft to avoid any possible threat from this worm .other members kindly add any info that might helpful to all  forum members from being effected !




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