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Notice of "Call Home" Updates Needed


To improve the performance of our hosted applications for our clients, we will be migrating to a new IBM data center during July 6-7, 2015.  IBM will ensure the other, non-affected data centers will be fully operational during the migration window to avoid any application outages while the migration occurs.


Due to the Data Center Migration, updates are needed for IBM Call Home. 


After the transition, users of the most recently provided IBM Call Home services will no longer be able to access the former data center.  The migration will result in IP address changes for www-945.ibm.com, an IBM server cluster that handles automated IBM Call Home requests.  As part of the site migration changes, one of the servers will be decommissioned ( and a new server will be added (  For example if you are using Electronic Service Agent to Call Home hardware problems to IBM, you could be affected.


Please ensure that your infrastructure can connect to ALL of the IP addresses listed to ensure that there is no interruption to your IBM Call Home services.


IPv4 requires outbound connectivity to www-945.ibm.com address using the following IP addresses:

  •  (Site 1) - Not affected / no change
  •  (Site 2 - Site being migrated to the New Site 2)
  •  (Site 3) - Not affected / no change
  •  (New site 2)

Validate your connectivity  

Once you have completed your updates, you may want to validate your connectivity.  

  • You may use telnet with the following command structure:  telnet <IP> <port>
  • If the telnet client is not available, you may use curl:  curl http//<ipaddress>

Thank you for your attention to this important update.

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