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2020-11-30, 19:30 PM

Hello, a few months ago I bought a lenovo thinkpad l412 by wallapop, now when I go to activate virtualization in the bios I see that this option is blocked and I see that I have a supervisor password which I have not established and I do not know what it is and It prevents me from modifying certain parameters including virtualization. Therefore I go to YouTube since I have no idea (I am a kid who is doing a medium degree of micro computer systems and networks and I need the computer to work) fooling around I end up disassembling the entire computer to the motherboard and in the end I don't I dare to touch anything. From this I mount it and the computer no longer works for me.


I describe the situation:


I'm going to turn on the computer, I press the power button and it lights up next to the first led (the one for the antenna), these two mentioned LEDs turn off instantly, practically they do not stay on for a second, in addition the one on the battery when the notebook is connected to the power cord. Nothing is shown on the screen and the second you press the button, the fan activates for that thousandth of a second.


I'm desperate, I've been spending three days all day to see if it solved it and I have not succeeded.


Forgive me for the billet and thanks in advance


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