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If you're having one of these problems with your Smart Display, you might have a problem with Smart Connect on your router:


  • Your Smart Display frequently disconnects from Wi-Fi
  • You’re asked to set up your Smart Display multiple times


Step 1: Move your Smart Display

Move your Smart Display closer or farther away from your router.


Step 2: Turn off Smart Connect


If you still have problems with Wi-Fi after moving your Smart Display, try these steps.


  1. Find your router’s manufacturer and model.
  2. Check with the manufacturer to find out if your router model has Smart Connect.
  3. If your router has Smart Connect, check with the manufacturer for steps on how to turn off Smart Connect.
    Tip: Check your router manufacturer’s online support page.


Step 3: Unplug Smart Display

If your router doesn’t have Smart Connect, or you turn off Smart Connect and your Smart Display keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi:


  1. Unplug your Smart Display for 1 minute.
  2. Plug your Smart Display back in.

Additionally you might want to check this video:


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I am having  the same problems with all 4 of my smart screens, that I purchased from 2 different stores. I ca not make voice calls. My return time is approaching soon. I call Lenovo and they are saying its Google problems not their, Google is saying its Lenovo equipment. What's really going on 


me to ,I've bought 3 as gifts ,been pulling my hair out thinking it's something wrong with the way I've st the one I've opened up to try/test out as I'll no doubt be called on to help them set up sort and use them .from what I've NOW found out here and elsewhere online ,the problem lies with with the software used on these,apparently voice calls did work before the current firmware rolled out ,so it will be down to Google/Lenovo to fix the issue with voice calls and other issues .


I recently purchased a Lenovo Smart Display for my father and have spent over 8 hours trying to figure how to make a duo call or a video call with no success. I reached out to Lenovo and they said it's a known problem and the issue is with the recent Google Home app update, and that they were waiting for Google to issue an new update that would fix the problem.  I assume others are having this problem as well. Not sure why Lenovo is promoting a product with features that do not work.  There should be away the "smart" display can create a contact list which someone can make voice and video calls from.  


Same problem. Straight out of the box and none of these solutions work.  I tried each on three different wifi networks 


Update r5 from lenovo is rolling out. It will fix the voice calls. Just rolling out at a snails pace


What actions do we have to take to upgrade the smart display firmware to r5?  Or, does it happen automatically?  How will we know when it's done?


I'm still waiting to find out when I can expect my display to be upgraded to r5... can anyone provide that information?


Cannot get SmartHome to complete setup. Get to the point where my iPhone connects to WiFi but asmartHome never does and my iPhone then gets a “uhh something went wrong” screen. Lenovo help line says it is a known Google software bug. Google Home chat person says they have no idea what Lenovo is talking about. I’m stuck in the middle with a useless device. Any suggestions?


Same problem will connect on my Orbi wifi but won't display or let me make video phone calls, something about my comcast router not allowing it to communicate because of the Chromecast. Lenovo says it's Google  and app problems stuck in the middle I guess. I'll be returning



This is an ongoing issue that Lenovo for some reason refuses to fix. I've even set a static IP for the device and it's still loses Wi-Fi all the time. This is not an issue with the Google home hub or any of the other Google and other manufacturers' devices as I have many in my house including Google Home Hub. Lenovo needs to stop making excuses and rolling out firmware for issues that are nonsense like cookbooks and fix the wi-fi problem. The advice they keep giving people on how to fix the problem is all nonsense the issue is with the device itself


You might have a faulty lenovo smart display. My router is about 100 feet away. Ive never experienced losing wifi ever


Nope just called lenovo again and they admitted its a known issue they still haven't fixed with a firmware update.  With a case number bestbuy will give you a refund. 

Meanwhile they are doing cookbooks and other nonsense.  Last lenovo product i will ever buy. 


Here's a fix that worked for me.


I disabled the WPS and the 5 Ghz option on the Uverse ( Pace ) Dual Band Router and rebooted it (power off / power on).


I reset the Smart Display Device to the original factory settings, then rebooted it (power off / power on).


The installation went smooth and have not experienced any disconnects since. 


The Google Hub worked fine using the the dual band settings...


We prefer the Lenovo devices because of the sound quality, the Duo Capability and the larger screen.


Connecting my smart bulbs doesnt work from google assistant app. Throws a 404 errors after providing the login credentials for lenovo smart home on the assistant. Any suggestions on how to set up these and connect using google assistant?


After update my google home app to version 2.14.110, my Smart Display stop to connect on WI-FI. Can anybody help-me?