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Lenovo Smart Display - Fixing Wrong Time in Ambient Mode

 Currently, some users are experiencing incorrect display time on their Smart Displays when using the Ambient Clock function.


The current workaround for this issue is:


1. Go to settings on your Android device.

2. Use the search function to find "Automatic time zone"

3. Disable "Automatic date & time" & "Automatic time zone"

4. Go into "Select time zone"

5. Choose a location that is closest to your location.

6. Reset your Lenovo Smart Display to factory (By swiping from the bottom and selecting device info and then factory reset.

7. Delete Google Home App from your Android device and reinstall.

8. Run through initial set up on Google Home App


If the process is not working, please try with a different android or iOS device.


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SeriouslyFrustr On 2018-08-27, 2:58 AM

I was hoping someone could tell me how to get to Ambient mode? I go to google home to devices then smart display and it only has backdrop setting. no were to be found is the word ambient. 

RustyLemon2000 On 2018-09-13, 13:20 PM

I'd love the Ambient mode clock to display todays date as a small text in one of the corners of the screen.

Dave163 On 2018-09-14, 23:49 PM

Thank you! 
This fixed the problem for me.
Finally a work around that worked!
FYI I didnt have to perform steps 7 and 8

georgge13 On 2019-11-16, 16:30 PM

Hello, I've tried the instructions above with an Android and iOS device and my smart clock is still offset by 1 hour (shows 1 hour later than current time). 


When I ask the built in Google Home what time it is, it comes back correctly. Same when I set the alarm e.g. for 7am it will ring at 7am but the smart clock will show 8am. 


Please let me know what else I can try - it's only been a few days since I purchased the device.


Thank you.

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