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When posting to the Community it is important to also provide feedback simultaneously to Google is important especially in the cases outlined below:


  1. Feature request
  2. Bug
  3. Technical problem


To do this:




Share feedback about the Lenovo Smart Display with Google Assistant

We're always looking to improve Google Assistant & the Lenovo Smart Display and your feedback is important to us. Tell us how we're doing. We're listening! There are two ways to send feedback — using your voice and from the Google Home app.

Send feedback using your voice

To do this:

Say "Ok Google" or "Hey Google", then...

What Google Home will say or do:

Send feedback to Google

“Send feedback”

Record an audio message and send feedback to the Google Home team


When providing feedback it is important to provide a short description of the problem and included any relevant devices affected.

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Who is actually updating the software - is it Google or Lenovo?


Does anybody know if adding support for an equalizer (as exists for Google Home, and Google Home Mini) is planned for smart displays? I find the default sound on a Lenovo Smart Display a little lacking on treble, and would like to boost it.



Google is


Any idea when the issue with Lenovo Smart Display network connectivity fixed? I bought it as a gift and it's become an embarassement Smiley Sad


@Manda : Connectivity issues are usually related to your WiFi network. I have had a Lenovo Smart Display for ~2 months, located about 20 feet from my router, with 2 intervening walls, and it has never, ever lost connectivity.


Some troubleshooting questions:


How old is your router? If it's more than 3 years old, it's obsolete, and should be replaced, as new equipment, such as the LSD, may expect compliance with newer standards.

1. What make and model is your router? Have you applied the latest firmware update to it?


2. If your router is a dual band router, to which band is the LSD connected? 2.4 gHz signals experience travel farther, but are more likely to have interference from other routers and devices (such as a microwave, garage door opener, baby monitor, etc.) running on the 2.4 gHz band. 5.0 gHz signals lose strength more quickly with distance, but are less likely to have interference issues.


3. If you have not already done so, assign separate SSIDs to each band; for example Myrouter24 and Myrouter50.


4. If you have an Android phone, install the WiFi Analyzer app to see what's going on in your location. If there are a lot of other routers on the channel your router is using, change to a less crowded channel. Note : For North American use, only channels 1, 6, and 11 are approved for the 2.4 gHz band; use of in-between channels will overlap, and may cause problems for your neighbors; by the same token, if one of your neighbors is using an in-between channel, it could be causing problems for you.











Here's a fix that worked for me.


I disabled the WPS and the 5 Ghz option on the Uverse ( Pace ) Dual Band Router and rebooted it (power off / power on).


I reset the Smart Display Device to the original factory settings, then rebooted it (power off / power on).


The installation went smooth and have not experienced any disconnects since. 


The Google Hub worked fine using the the dual band settings...


We prefer the Lenovo devices because of the sound quality, the Duo Capability and the larger screen.


French problem


The answer you gave to us from few weeks, no good, as per the answer I add yesterday from Google the french  language problem it's Lenovo responsability.
Please stop play pingpong with us, and Lenovo need I think contact Google to fix the problem not your customer. please more respect for your customer.  Regards


When will we have Google Home in swedish on the Smart Display?


If you ask Google to fix or explain why a feature doesn't work or exist they direct me back to Lenovo for support.  On Twitter they blame each other for features not working. So who is really controlling the software on Lenovo Smart devices, Lenovo or Google?Screenshot_20190822-112250_Chrome.jpg