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Windows Vnext NanoServer creation and installation


Along with ServerCore, Server with Desktop experience, Microsoft has offered a third installation mode, Nanoserver.  Using a “zero footprint” mode, Nanoserver has only approximately 350MB in size, no GUI and is managed remotely thru PowerShell, WMI, Windows Remote Management, or Emergency Management Services (EMS). The “zero footprint” model will deliver significant faster speed and lower resource consumption.   The intended audience of this Installation Guide is IT professionals, technical partners, and Microsoft Azure users.


Create NanoServer image;

To create a Nanoserver VHD or VHDX you will be required to have the Vnext ISO Image, The Convert-WindowsImage.ps1 and New-NanoServerHVHD.ps1 PowerShell scripts.

Enclosed are the steps to create a NanoServer VHD.

Copy the iso image and the two scripts to a directory on your hard drive.  For example c:\Nano.   For this example, my iso image is called vnext.iso.

Open a PowerShell session and set the execution policy to unrestricted by issuing the following command:   Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

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