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Punch Card
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Game center

Wouldn't it be nice if your game progress was connected to game center (in ios) in case you switch / upgrade phones? Or something happens? Not not sure if that is possible with this game.. but that would be cool. Wouldn't mind too much starting over since it is fun but I think it would be good if game progress could be saved independently of the phone. 

Token Ring
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Re: Game center

Does it not do that for you? I got a new iPhone and my progress was carried over...

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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Game center

It might have carried over because of iTunes backup or iCloud saves, not necessarily because of Game Center.

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Re: Game center

Sweet- I was worried I would be stuck with this iPhone 😂
Punch Card
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Re: Game center

Oh wow, I guess it does work?? Cool! So glad... I guess I hadn't really tested this to be honest. When I was troubleshooting early on, I would delete the app from my phone and it seemed to be saving. I wasn't getting far so that could have been the case as well. 

Paper Tape
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Re: Game center

Pubg is not support system. How can I support it?

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