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Help me make a real life version of holochess

So I've been playing holochess for a while, and I quite like it. But holochess is a 2 player game and playing a computer, to me, just doesn't feel right. So I've been wanting to make a real life version of the popular space board game and I have been looking at the rules for the game. From my research, I have found that there has never been any official rules for the game. Reading multiple versions of the rules for holochess, I have found that the set of rules Lenovo uses is much more fun. For example ghhhks have the ability to heal other pieces in the lenovo version, while the other versions of the rules don't have this. Also in most versions of the rules, a piece has to do 2 moves per round, whether it is move then attack, attack then move, move and then move, etc. While the lenovo version, pieces are allowed to just move once and end the round. The different version of the rules also feature different stats for the pieces. While I haven't been too succesful in finding full stats for the pieces, the ones I have found, does make the game much more limiting. So I was wondering if there is anyone out there, who have completed every single level in holochess and is able to give me rules in the lenovo version as well as the stats for the pieces. Thanks

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Re: Help me make a real life version of holochess

Hi Onelimwen!


I also like playing Lenovo's version of Holochess. I've finished all the levels and have put together a 2-page document showing all the pieces, when they are unlocked, and what each of their stats are. See below for a preview. I've also attached the PDF version. Enjoy! 



SkyGuy Holochess (Page 1).jpgPage 1SkyGuy Holochess (Page 2).jpgPage 2


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Paper Tape
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Re: Help me make a real life version of holochess

Dude you are the best, thank you very much

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