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Lenovo Employee G_Wilson
Lenovo Employee
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Holochess Tips and Impression

Starwars Shot 3 - Holochess 600px.png



Hello Jedi,


Our team recently interviewed a Lenovo employee, a massive Star Wars fan who has very nearly completed the game. We have divided his feed back into three parts. This first part covers his opinions on Holochess. We would love for our forum members to contribute any opinions, ideas, or tips they have for Holochess.


Overall Impressions of the game

Holochess does not have as much content, nor is it as layered as the other games. However, it is a nice addition for fans as it brings to life a specific and memorable moment in the franchise and allows fans to experience the game for themselves.


Suggestions for game improvement

At each level of the game, you are earning and learning to use a new piece, even at the final stage, so the final stage is not as involved or demanding as it could be.

Ideally, by the final stage you should have mastered all the pieces and be face with some truly complex and challenging games which demand that you summon all your wit, insight, and learned skills to overcome.  

Although each piece has icons next to describing its attributes and health. It can be difficult to internalise all that information, so it would be helpful to have text next to each attribute to clarify it for the player.



Go for range characters first. Kill your opponents range characters first, but maximise use of yours.

As your opponent is moving pieces to hit you, spend most of your early game using your range character to take out some of your opponent’s pieces. By the time the real combat begins, you have already taken out some of your opponent’s pieces.


Do you have any tips for playing Holochess? If so, please do share with us! We'd love to hear your opinions and game strategies. 

Punch Card
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Re: Holochess Tips and Impression

I would love to see more instructions on how we should be thinking about playing this game:


1. How do you play (basics of how to move, how your opponent moves, how to win, etc.). The limited instructions written on the Lenovo FAQs are too basic and didn't provide me with enough information on how to play. While some of the game may be a bit intuitive, it would be nice to get some more detailed descriptions.


2. Strategies for gameplay (how you should select movements, how you should select pieces, anticipating what your opponent will do, etc.) - this way, you can let the Wookie win if you need to...




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Re: Holochess Tips and Impression

Suggestion: When you play against the Archivist it’s fun to see her standing across from you and hearing her comments. 


It would be cool to have more characters  added so you can have the feeling of your opponent staring at you, waiting for you to make a move or hearing their frustrated remarks when the player makes a good move.

Punch Card
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Re: Holochess Tips and Impression

I like the suggestion for better info ui. They are a bit cryptic...

Thanks for the tips!
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