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Lenovo Employee G_Wilson
Lenovo Employee
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Lighsaber Battles Tips and Impressions

Starwars Shot 1 - Over the Shoulder v1(2).jpg


Continuing with our Team's interview of a Lenovo Employee who has almost finished the game, here is a post about the lightsaber battles. Below is our resident almost Jedi Master's impression of the duels, and the gameplay tips he was kind enough to share with us. 


Overall Impression

The game is very entertaining, but also quite the workout. He usually limits his time duelling to about an hour per session, otherwise it gets too tiring to keep fighting.




The first encounters in the duels are fairly easy and fairly intuitive. However, after the first encounter it become increasingly difficult and your force power selection become increasingly vital to your success.


Force wind become extremely important for the epic encounters, and is almost necessary to finishing the final round of battles.  


Barrier is extremely helpful, and more useful, for most of the bosses, especially as you get to the latter stages of the second encounter and into epic encounter. There are often points where you can’t guarantee that things will go your way. It is better to save your barrier for those moments. For example, when Darth Vader is going to choke you, you can either take it and hope your slices are perfect and enable you to get out of his choke as quickly as possible. Or, you can save your barrier and activate it every time he goes in to force choke mode, and attack him from behind the barrier. In so doing, you take part of his offensive game away.


For Beginners

Don’t go nuts and swing radically. You are rewarded for dodging and striking more accurately, and for stronger more forceful swings, it senses how hard you are hitting and deals the corresponding amount of damage.




Dodging can be a bit temperamental. Sometime you are doing what seems like a proper dodge, but it only registers about three out of four, so he worked around it for the time being. He also found that the game was worse at registering his dodges when he placed the beacon on a reflective floor.  


What do you think of the lightsaber duels ? Do you have any questions you'd like to pose to other forum members? Do you have any tips or ideas to share? We'd love to hear from you. 


Additional Questions: Who is the absolute worst/most frustrating opponent to duel?


Thanks for all your questions and feedback! 

Punch Card
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Re: Lighsaber Battles Tips and Impressions

I agree with being careful of reflective surfaces when placing the beacon. The more reflection would mean the less accurate. 


Big Question: does lightsaber damage change with location? more damage for a headshot instead of leg slice? my mind was already blown to hear that the harder the swing the more damage you do, go ahead, blow my mind agian.

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Re: Lighsaber Battles Tips and Impressions

The most frustrating for me by far was the seventh sister. The droids are hard because if you slice correctly, but they are too close they still blow up in your face.


Then once I finally beat her, the Inquisitor was challenging but then I blew through Darth Vader and Kylo Ren on my first attempt so it was frustrating that I had to get over that duel to get to the rest of the game but I guess also relieving that it wasn’t going to get incrementally harder for me 😂

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Re: Lighsaber Battles Tips and Impressions

An idea for improvement when talking about saving your force powers when they become available, it would be nice if after it flashes center screen so you know you have it, it moves to a corner or becomes smaller.


At times it becomes a ‘blind spot’ and it’s hard to block attacks and especially fire from droids.

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