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My thoughts on how the game could be improved.

I purchased my Jedi Challenges set a couple of weeks ago, and just completed all of the light side content today. I absolutely love how ambitious this product is and that it actually pulls the idea off really well. However, throughout the many hours I have sunk into the game, I have had a lot of issues. I would rather not focus on having to fight the hardware/design choices so that I can focus on the actual content, so I'm creating a list of problems that I encountered and possible solutions.


1. Particle effects take up too much space.

When you reach very low health or Second Wind activates, the screen practically flashes entirely with either red or blue. I felt that this was unnecessary and intrusive, as it made it extremely difficult to continue blocking a chain of attacks simply because I couldn't see. In a similar fashion, if a power is ready but you don't want to use it yet, the indicator stays there and takes up a sizable portion of the screen.

2. COD approach to health.

One of the most infuriating parts of the experience was not knowing how much health I was at. Instead of having a bar similar to what shows the enemy's health, it only uses 3 or 4 health 'checkpoints' that are denoted by portions of the screen covered in red. A health bar would be much better because it would allow us to have a clear indication of health, and enable more accurate testing to see how much passives like Force Attunement actually heal. And this bar could lie vertically on the left side of the screen where it's out of the way, but still able to be noticed in one's peripheral vision.

3. Hit detection/positional tracking.

This one might be self explanatory, but I'll elaborate. There were a ton of instances where I slashed exactly where I was supposed to, but it was consider a failed attack. Likewise, there were many dodge attacks in which I moved out of the way but still got hit. Some specific instances were due to their attacks not being exactly synced to when you have to dodge. However, I don't really think there's a solution to this besides taking it into consideration if there is ever a SWJC V2.

4. Easily abusable tactics.

There are some ability/passive combinations that kind of break the game- in other words, they allowed me to win fights that I probably didn't deserve to win. The main combo I'm talking about is Speed, Mental Discipline, and Force Attunement. The reason that this works is because you block, charge up the Speed power extremely fast, and then use it to heal right away. Because of this, you can heal very often and practically negate any hits you take throughout the entire fight. I just don't like having this option in the game because it's hard to avoid using it as a tactic; perhaps the numbers could be nerfed in regards to the healing or charge rate?

5. Lack of incentive to continue dueling.

This solution has been suggested multiple times before (maybe for different reasons), but it really is hard to stay motivated when we are given the green lightsaber very quickly but have to beat every fight on epic to get the final color... sprinkling in some other options along the way would have been a great way to simultaneously reward the player and urge them to continue. 

6. Inconsistent attack openings.

Maybe I played the game wrong or something, but sometimes I would have to block 50 or 60 attacks before I had an opening to attack, and the next segment might only need me to block 10 times. This could be remedied by setting a limit, that if you get a certain amount of blocks (or maybe they would have to be consecutive blocks) the opponent is staggered. Sometimes, it just gets ridiculous how many attacks the enemy can chain together without a chance for you to retaliate.

7. Final choice.

This one might have only been a problem that I had, but after winning the final fight, I accidentally did something and it caused me to lose the fight and restart (I'm being vague so as to avoid spoilers). There should be a period of invulnerability where the player has to hear the dialogue first to at least know what the challenge is.


Overall, I still had a blast with this product, and will definitely come back to it often. I put together this list not out of spite, but because I want to see the game reach its full potential. Thank you to the team who helped make this a reality, and to the community that has kept the product alive since its release.


May the Force be with you.


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