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Lenovo Employee G_Wilson
Lenovo Employee
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Strategic Combat Tips and Impressions

Starwars Shot 4 - Strategic Combat 600px.png



Continuing with our Team's interview of a Lenovo Employee who has almost finished the game, here is a post about Strategic Combat. Below is our resident almost Jedi Master's impression of Strategic Combat, and the gameplay tips he was kind enough to share with us. 


Overall Impression of the Game

Lothal is phenomenally hard. Must have spent four total hours getting past Lothal the first one. Lothal was far harder than anything else.

It is a great and engaging game, but definitely more difficult than one would initially expect.



These tips are mainly for Lothal, as it is the most difficult level of Strategic combat he has encountered thus far.

Good use of Ezra as your hero is the essence of how you succeed. Ezra mind controls enemy troops. Maximise use of this skill to control huge swatches of enemy troops, this can help you divert a bunch of enemy storm-troopers, and even an AT-AT, at a critical game juncture.


Mistake to Avoid: Do not split your resources among two sides of the battle field; this spreads your resources too thin.

It Better to bunch up resources at one side, and defend other side using a X-Wing. If you are fortunate and the enemy troops gather together nicely in one area, you can use Ezra to mind control the enemy troops and leverage the mind-controlled troops to defend the side.


In his experience, each time he tried to split his attention to defend one side, and then defend the other side, he would lose.


What do you think of the Strategic Combat games? Do you have any questions you'd like to pose to other forum members? Do you have any tips or ideas to share? We'd love to hear from you. 


Additional Questions: What is your impression of how the game updates changed the Strategic Combat gameplay? 


Thanks for all your questions and feedback! 



Punch Card
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Re: Strategic Combat Tips and Impressions

I agree that some of the levels are very difficult.


My suggestion would be to offer a range of difficulty settings: easy, medium, hard. 


This would allow a broader range of users (from newbies to expert gamers) to enjoy the game (without looking on Google for cheat codes).


There are many Star Wars fans who are not serious gamers, but they would be willing to buy and enjoy Jedi Challenges if they could advance to more levels and experience more diverse gameplay. 


Token Ring
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Re: Strategic Combat Tips and Impressions

Saving Ezra for the right moment on Lothal is huge! Try to use his mind control for controlling 2 walkers at once.


My biggest tip for all strategic combat levels in general is this: USE THE MOST ADVANCED WEAPON UPGRADES AVAILABLE TO YOU

Lothal was the hardest leap for me. What finally got me past it was going back to the previous levels, beating them again until I won the Turret/soldier upgrades, then going back to Lothal with the big guns. So my advice is to make sure you get the bonus upgrades on every level before proceeding to the next. Once I figured that out, the rest of the game was a breeze Smiley Wink

Interested in more news, tips, & tutorials on Jedi Challenges? Check out my YouTube Channel Smiley Happy
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Re: Strategic Combat Tips and Impressions


-Drop/place your pieces and men immediately. Usually guns first and then men. Occasionally placing the strike squad first to move your zone forward is necessary.
-Space everything out evenly. A big turret on either side, etc. If the objective is to guard or protect something, place pieces to protect them from being hit.
-The hardest task is to figure out when to use your hero and when to use the big ship. The big ship is usually used to take out the biggest objects.
-Always read achieve the Upgrade Objective. The later Strategic battles will be far easier with the upgrades.
-Take out the Tie Fighters. They will take out you men and gun turrets, but they will also take life away from what you are protecting. There is a red arrow that shows up to tell you where the Tie is coming from. It will be particularly important on Lothal, Takodana and the Core.
-Memorize each wave of attack and when the Walkers and larger enemies attack. This will allow you to strategize when to use your hero and big ship.
-Be care about enemies and enemy turrets underneath you. Look down to check to make sure all is clear.
-Enemies come from the sides as well as from the front.
-Target Tie Fighters and enemies by pointing your visor as them and pressing the lightsaber. Make sure your lightsaber is lowered so you don’t select your pieces.
-The lightsaber will vibrate when another piece is available. Place them as soon as possible unless it’s your hero or big ship.

Lothal is the first major challenge. It’s very much about memorizing when to use Ezra and when to use the A-wing. In the second level only use the A-wings on the enemy turrets until they are destroyed. On the last level use Ezra to take over the first walker,

Hoth - use the snowspeeder only to take out the AT-AT walkers. On the final level on one of the last waves the walkers come from the sides. Take out the right one first.

Takodana - The Tie Fighters will hurt your health points more than any other level. Take them out immediately. When you’re protecting B.B.-8 there’s a trooper that comes from the side early on so be careful.

Core - After placing my pieces right away I use the Falcon to take out the first wave and use the hero right before the second. After that...good luck.


At first Strategic Combat was my least favorite. Once I got the hang of it, it became very addictive. I love it now. It did take awhile to learn to love it.

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Re: Strategic Combat Tips and Impressions

All I would add to everyone's great tips is to not be afraid to use your hero and/or aircraft support early on.


And maybe the Archivist should say to the player how important it is to earn all the upgrades (multiple times if they miss her saying it the first time) for players who haven’t ventured onto the forum to look for help.


I remember that the slow recharge time made me feel like I should 'save it for when I really needed it,' but soon realized that when that moment realistically arrived- they would have had the time to recharge.


I also found that walking around the battlefield to view different angles helped (and felt really cool)


I'm sure someone has mentioned it- but as the Archivist says: there are times to advance but also a time when retreat is the best option.

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