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Fanfold Paper
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Strategic combat walker size, best beacon set up?

I was playing the final crait strategic combat tonight and my beacon kept turning the light off. The game still played and for the first time the walkers looked massive when before they were big. It looked so much more impressive but when I completed the level the screen went black until I activated the beacon light again. When I replayed the level the walkers were smaller again.

How should the beacon be set up to get the best out of strategic combat?


Admin note; subject edited for clarity

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Re: Strategic combat walker size, best beacon set up?

You probably already tried this but-
Have you tried changing the batteries?


Sometimes my beacon won’t flash or make any indication that it needs new batteries but usually if the game starts acting weird like that (it’s happened to me with duelists) I’ve always changed the batteries and it’s solved the problem.


As for positioning, as long as it’s the recommended 3-9 ft distance (if I remember correctly) but I love to walk around as the battle goes on to view from different angles and just cause it’s so cool!

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Re: Strategic combat walker size, best beacon set up?


Thanks Deymer77 for bringing this to our attention, and thanks Jedi_Maria for the great response.

Do let us know if you continue to experience problems with your beacon and we will try our best to solve the issue.

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