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Lenovo Employee G_Wilson
Lenovo Employee
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Versus Mode Set-Up








It is here. You asked, and we listened. We are ecstatic to announce, on this May 4th, the release of ‘Lightsaber Versus Mode’ to Star Wars: Jedi Challenges.

You have trained for months, honing your skills against some of the most formidable opponents in the galaxy. Now, you can face off against fellow Jedi in training, and Jedi Masters. The new versus mode allows two players, who own a complete Jedi Challenges set and compatible phone, to battle each other with the aid of visual cues which indicate where to block and where to strike. As the battle progresses, the difficulty increases until one player defeats the other



How to Set Up Lightsaber Versus Mode

  1. Go to the AppStore of Google play store, and download the latest version of Star Wars: Jedi Challenges
  2. Place both Tracking Beacons on the floor, 3 feet apart, between the two players, at the center of the play area (one on the left, one on the right).
  3. One Tracking Beacon should be turned on in position 1 (pink), the other one in position 2 (cyan).
  4. Both players must then have the latest version of the Jedi Challenges mobile app installed on their individual compatible smartphones and have access to the same Wi-Fi network (phone hotspots also work when one player makes their phone a Wi-Fi access point).
  5. Proceed with the app instructions once you have selected “Lightsaber Versus Mode” on the start screen.
  6. Two players in the same room can then duel by both donning their headsets and wielding their Lightsabers. The players will be able to see each other with their AR Lightsaber blades overlaid on top of their Lightsaber hilts in the real world. The players can then battle to see who the stronger Lightsaber duelist in their Jedi training journey is.


We are excited to add this update to the game and keep expanding the gameplay for our fans.

May the force be with you!


Your online-archivist in training,



Paper Tape
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Re: Versus Mode Set-Up

The announcement of the duel mode was a nice surprise, but a small detail should have been a clue that would have put us on track we lucky owners of a SWJC kit, it was this small switch to change the color of the mark on the ground Smiley Happy 

Serial Port
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Re: Versus Mode Set-Up

Strong with y’all the force is. I will be getting a second one as soon as I can!
Right wrong or indifferent this vent, sport, or simulator is far more useful to me than any game ever could be.
Thank you very much!
Paper Tape
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Re: Versus Mode Set-Up

I guess its time to buy a second light saber Smiley Happy

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