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Lenovo Employee G_Wilson
Lenovo Employee
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We'd love to hear from you: Mirage Headset Feedback

Help us Jedi! 


We love hearing from our fans, and we are always looking to improve your gameplay experience. 

Do tell us what would be on your wishlist for game expansions based on these criteria: 


1. What kind of features or gameplay would you want if the game could support more than one player?

2. What kind of accessory would you want available for purchase? 

3. If you have chance to play other games with this headset, which IPs games or Disney characters would you like to see on the platform?

4. What kind of games (categories) would you want to play on an AR headset? Please share with us some games in teh categories you mention,

5. What are the key features in AR games that you look for or would like to see?


Thanks for being amazing and supportive community members! 

Token Ring
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Re: We'd love to hear from you: Mirage Headset Feedback

I apologize in advance for writing a book...


1. Multiplayer

I think the main thing that’s keeping this game from exploding is a multiplayer mode (specifically, an “online” multiplayer mode which I will elaborate on in the Ideation board), so this is the topic I am most passionate about. I envision there being 2 versions of this: 


  • “Local” multiplayer mode - played by two players in the same room as each other, PvP and Co-Op PvE.
  • “Online” multiplayer mode - played by two players anywhere in the world (like Xbox live, Playstation Plus, etc.) THIS IS #1 ON MY JEDI CHALLENGES WISH LIST


2. Accessories

  • Replacement parts - I think before we dip into any of the “cool” accessories, we need to take care of this cable problem. People are furious by the lack of availability and price of a replacement phone-to-headset connection cable. 
  • Replacement cheek pads - One of mine is starting to rip off, and I’m SUPER gentle whenever I put it on because I have no idea what I’m going to do once it comes off completely.
  • Wrist Device - drjosephkim has an idea on the Ideation board for a wrist accessory. I think this is a fantastic idea and I have elaborated on that idea over there as well.
  • More lightsaber hilt styles - By this, I mean having more “single blade” designs used by different characters, like Vader’s lightsaber, Obi-Wan’s, Luke’s from RoTJ, and Kylo’s with the cross guard, etc., but also “multiple blade” designs like Darth Maul’s double-blade, an Inquisitor’s rotating blade, and Ahsoka’s dual blades. (Note: These examples are listed in order of practicality and likelihood. For a list in order of “what I want most”, just reverse everything.)


3. Additional Games

Honestly, I only play video games to indulge in more Star Wars content. So I have no desire for any game not related to Star Wars.

“I leave that to you” - Kylo


4. Game Categories



5. Key AR Features

  • Larger headset display - aspect ratio is too small, vertically and horizontally, in my opinion. 
  • Better picture resolution 
  • Better tracking - there's too much inaccuracy in lightsaber and motion tracking. It gets frustrating.
  • Built-in headphones - headphones built into the headset, like the Oculus has, so that everyone could experience 3D sound. 
  • Sharing feature - it’d be cool to have a sharing feature, for recording gameplay footage to watch with friends later. 


I'll stop here for now, before this turns into an actual book lol.




Interested in more news, tips, & tutorials on Jedi Challenges? Check out my YouTube Channel Smiley Happy
Punch Card
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Re: We'd love to hear from you: Mirage Headset Feedback

I would buy a second lightsaber if we could use two dueling 

Serial Port
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Re: We'd love to hear from you: Mirage Headset Feedback

First Where have been all my life. Sorry it took so long to join the Lenovo Jedi Order. But the entry fee was hard to budget. Well I am here now and it is amazingly worth it.


Ok down to council business.

1. Multiplayer would be great. If it included head to head duels. I can reasonably assure you I would eventually budget a second one into my home. CoOp saber Challenges would be cool. Multi player chess and strategy would be fun.

2. Accessories that I would want include. Shirts stickers a pack or case designed to hold SWJC specifically. With easy charging access. A Blaster might be cool. Finally if a larger holocron tracker would make for noticeably better blade alignment. 

3&4. Not to many thoughts keep up awsome work and make any improvements u can. An AR VR shooter would be fun. 

One thing that would be helpful is a back or cancel option. 

Last night finished dueling in Jedi cave. And went to play holochess in bed. And accidentally entered a duel with the seventh sister. There is no way to cancel and I was already in bed. I had to let her slice and dice me!

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Re: We'd love to hear from you: Mirage Headset Feedback

I'd love to be able to write my own Apps accessing the headset tracking details via SDK.

If you don't provide an SDK soon, folks from the open source community will try to reengineer it and will probably succeed and then you don't have control over its use.

Serial Port
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Re: We'd love to hear from you: Mirage Headset Feedback

My bad I found the menu. What do you expect I am just an initiate!
Serial Port
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Re: We'd love to hear from you: Mirage Headset Feedback

Ok I have had SWJC for 2 weeks. And I love it! I have always considered myself more of a simmer than a gamer. And this is the coolest home simulator that I have seen. 

That beging said a game I would enjoy would be an X-wing game. The light saber could handle the pitch roll and yaw. Not sure how to solve throttle. Y’all are smart I am sure you can figure something out if you choose to pursue it. By extension if the platform could support a second light saber, it could be used as throttle possibly and we could then do pod racing as well. Plus learn to use a second saber in battle.

never the less SWJC is awesome, great job 

Paper Tape
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Re: We'd love to hear from you: Mirage Headset Feedback

I would like to ask you if there is any news on an SDK, so we can start creating cool new things for this headset. Perhaps you can bring my in contact with someone who knows more about a possible SDK for this headset.

Paper Tape
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Re: We'd love to hear from you: Mirage Headset Feedback

What you developed with the SWJC kit is one of the technologies we dreamed of when we were kids.

Eager to participate in the evolution of this A.R. project



Link to my blog and the post about the SWJC kit

Paper Tape
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Re: We'd love to hear from you: Mirage Headset Feedback

As I once recommended, Jedi's do not only fight siths, or troopers, there are other things such as bounty hunters,  you should be able to add  Jango Fet and or Bobba Fet.

For other game modes using the Headset

You should add another device which could be a blaster pistol, and then shoot troopers and siths, using the same enviroment, just drawing a small target that reallocates according to the pistol (just like  the lightsaber) and the trigger will be like the action button.

If you could do that, you could create endless games, i.e. something similar to a Resident evil, where zombies come right to you just maybe add a nother control just to command when you walk and when you stop, and that's it.

Or you could add levels where one's person is mounted in an ATT and destroy everyting while advancing.


For other games using the Head set, I think something related to Harry Potter would be pretty similar, certain movement will to the magic instead of using the light saber (I know it does not  belong to Disney......yet).


I liked how you have to crouch dodge, so, an easy game woul be just blocks comming to you, you just have to dodge them jumping, croaching or moving one side or the other, that's easy, isn't it?







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