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Fanfold Paper
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How strong is the Archivist?

If she was a character in the canon. How powerful would she be compared to other lightsaber wielders? She's stronger than Maul, Vader and Kylo for example. Where would she line up? Slightly above Dooku? 

Fanfold Paper
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Re: How strong is the Archivist?


This is an amazing question to go deeper on. If she was Canon and powerful, this conjures two specififc female Sith, with the ability to be 'Holocron keepers/Uber powers"

The first, is in Canon! The disembodied Holocron Keeper in Star Wars Rebels, although sharing the same voice acrtess as Asajj Ventress - was unveiled as ancient and powerful. Powerful enough to possess knowledge of a weapon that could wipe out life, en masse.

As for experienced Sith Lord capable of teaching who was immensely powerful in their own right, my favorite character of all time Darth Traya a.k.a Kreia of KOTOR II.



The Archivist's Jar'Kai dual wielding abilities & intensity makes me think she has all the makings of the ultimate Blademaster. Maybe Vader is stronger in the Force and Kylo due to their lineage. But there have been Balde Masters of old who were insanely proficient at lightsaber combat particularly. So, she may be above their teir (Maybe below Yoda and Palpatine) but in terms of Force Abilities, to a lesser degree.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: How strong is the Archivist?

Thanks for the answer. After getting used to epic I would love facing someone from the highest tier sometime in the future. If the technology can support that

Paper Tape
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Re: How strong is the Archivist?

Mander Zuma was one of the first archivists of the new Order, working with Tionne Solusar on Coruscant to rebuild the Archives. Mander was described as strong in the Force, and after he defeated Mika, erased his mental hang-ups and felt his former apprentice's blue lightsaber in his hand as an extension of his own. So yea, he would be pretty strong.

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Re: How strong is the Archivist?

The Archivist wears similar armor to that of the Grand Inquisitor after his redemption and appearance as a Jedi Temple Guard. I would have to say that anyone who enjoys the honor of wearing that armor and holding a post of such importance in the Jedi Temple would have to be on the same level of prowess.

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