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What's DOS?
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Phone Tray Stuck

My phone is stuck in the tray! i think it may have been put in backwards accidentally and will now not come out. i am nowhere near a Lenovo outlet for a technician to fix and cannot make a call as my phone is stuck... any quick fixes that dont damage the headset?

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Phone Tray Stuck

Come on Lenovo help this poor Padawan out

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Re: Phone Tray Stuck

Did you retract the two metal sliders that keep the phone in place? Maybe shake it around a bit? There’s nothing really holding the flap shut so you should be able to pry it open or use something small as a crow bar/ lever
Lenovo Employee G_Wilson
Lenovo Employee
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Re: Phone Tray Stuck

I tried to get my phone tray stuck, but I could not quite replicate your problem. Looking at the tray, there appear to be two plastic 'flippers' that get pushed down when you insert your phone. If you did place the tray in upside down, they might be getting caught on the edge of the headset.
Perhaps if you careuflly slip a card underneath, you can help the flippers glide out. I've attached a picture of the headset tray, but please do be careful, as this is not an official solution - it is always better to visit an official store to get such problems fixed. 




Paper Tape
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Re: Phone Tray Stuck

Oh my God! G_Wilson I love you so much! I had the same problem put it in backwards and my fingers went numb trying to get it out it would only get to a certain point and it stoped. There was no grip and my god I got it in less than 3 minutes using a card! You are a genious and I love you!

What's DOS?
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Re: Phone Tray Stuck

ive tried the card thing but it still wont work. i put the case upside down. here is my best photo of it

Paper Tape
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Re: Phone Tray Stuck

I know im late but the card trick works, just fiddle around on both sides of the tray.

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